annual kuwait art exhibition of work by

Dr. Eyad Al-Masri

Layers of the Past

Original Carved Mixed Media Paintings -  annual kuwait exhibition

was held February 3-7, 2008

Dar El Cid Exhibition Hall

(Jabriya, Block 12, St 1, Bldg 24/26)








Dr Eyad Al Masri was born in 1965 in Ramtha in northern Jordan.  He received a Bachelors of Art in 1987. Wishing to continue his education - but finding that no Jordanian university offered a Masters degree in Art - he pursued an interest in archaeology and received his Masters in Archaeology in 1990. Finally, he completed his doctoral work in Art History, receiving his PHD in 1997 from the University of Baghdad.  In his work you will find a unique and intriguing combination of these three passions: fine art, archaeology, and art history.                 ___________________________________________________________________







Dr. Eyad's choice of subject matter and technique is greatly influenced by his unique background and education as an artist, drawing inspiration from all the ancient civilizations that have come to shape the entire Middle Eastern region.  In his doctoral work, he focused on the sculptural representations and mythology of Nabataean deities. 

Influences from the art of Assyria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Africa, ancient Egypt, as well as Sumerian, PhoeneciaN and Dilmun cultures are clearly evident in his work.



(photos are all of previous works by the artist and did not form part of the above mentioned exhibition)
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Every one of Dr. Al-Masri's art exhibitions succeeds in drawing large crowds of admiring art lovers. His thoughtful approach to the medium and passion for his subject has earned him a steady stream of followers wherever he hosts exhibitions.


Influences from Assyria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Africa, ancient Egypt, as well as Sumerian, Phoenician and Dilmun cultures are evident in his work and every detail typically is of significance. Warm earthy hues are often contrasted with bright greens, blues and even shades of gold.













This kind hearted artist enthusiastically shares his techniques with his audience and it is known that he has held large groups of people captivated for hours on end during his private sessions.