One of a handful marinas on the shores of Kuwait City. Multi-million dollar boats and yachts are often seen moored here.   A humid day during high-summer. In the distance the city disappears behind a cloud of foglike moisture.   Click to Enlarge. Central Salmiya.   The Gulf is generally a very calm body of water more akin to a large lake.   Click to Enlarge  
  All frames on this page open to larger images when clicked.   Palm trees are naturally associated with desert areas and oases. Most public parks in Kuwait have these, adding both drama and poise to the environment.   Click to Enlarge   Click to Enlarge    
  Click to Enlarge   Ships of the desert grazing towards the end of a long summer day.   Curbside panelbeating in Ahmadi. Situated about 20 minutes' drive from the Kuwait City, Ahmadi has developed into a main commercial center from it's original oil industry roots.   Its been a while since the last movie showed at this old cinema complex in Ahmadi. Shops on groundlevel trade in everything from pizzas to general groceries.   The area of Salmiya seen from a marina outcrop. Salmiya is known as the traditional "up-town" area with many high-end shopping malls. A must see for any visitor to Kuwait.  
  A picturesque setting next to a small restaurant in Shaab, a very popular suburb amongst foreigner expatriates.   Downtown Kuwait, the commercial and banking hub of the city. Spectacular high risers are seen here in various stages of completion.   Flying radio control aircraft is a popular past time in Kuwait. Dedicated locals as well as expats spend a lot of time and money on it. Great!   Marina Crescent at night seen from Hard Rock Cafe, Salmiya to the left of the photographer. The near mirror-smooth Gulf indicates a windless evening.   Many families prefer to have prepared meals home-delivered. This resulted in an excellent system where nearly any meal one the menu is available for home-delivery from just about any restaurant in town.  

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